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Canines for Disabled Kids

In August of 2016, RuffDawg announced it’s sponsorship of local independant nonprofit Canines for Disabled Kids –(CDK). CDK was founded in 1998, and, like RuffDawg, is based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

CDK connects families in need with service dogs and training programs. They award scholarships to offset some of the approximately $25,000 it costs to train a service dog and provide ongoing support to the child-canine team.
Its team includes Executive Director Kristin Hartness, a staff of three, and up to 10 volunteers.

Members of CDK staff and volunteers travel all over the country to educate the public about service dogs through educational presentations, booth event participation, and Americans with Disability (ADA) consulting.

“We work with schools, speak at conferences and expositions to educate families on what the options are for these families looking for the support of a dog. We depend entirely on donations and sponsorships,” said Hartness. “We receive no government funding, so we are very excited to be working with RuffDawg as a sponsor”.

Learn more about Canines for Disabled Kids by visiting their website at:, or their facebook page:

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