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Om Dawg
Stress-Reduction System
Rubber retrieving toy plus Sound Bath CD
OM Dawg with BALL 2.5 diam. for small to medium dogs
Om Dawg with BALL XL 3.5 diam. for medium to large dogs

Om Dawg is the Safe, two-part system that will deeply relax your dog, helping to relieve anxiety and stress. The solid rubber balls have been formulated to be softer and lighter, for gentler play. The balls float, bounce and are gentle on teeth and gums. The Om Dawg Sound Bath CD is an original recording of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Sue Pentland. Designed to soothe and calm your dog, it also works for other pets like cats, horses, and humans too! Listening to the Sound Bath CD helps pets enter into a state of deep relaxation through specifically tuned resonant vibrations. Studies have shown that these vibrational sound frequencies entrain brainwaves to alpha, theta and delta frequencies– which are associated with states of deep relaxation, meditation and sleep. Most effective played at low volume.

The Ball and CD can also be used independently. This CD has been used successfully by professional groomers and veterinarians to calm animals during treatments.

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